Glass & Cable Railings - Glass & Cable Handrail Systems

Stair Service, Inc. is dedicated to continue and expand our modular European and contemporary railing systems while bringing the world affordable, attractive and unique designs through the integration and combination of various metals, glass and natural materials.

Stair Service, Inc. glass & cable stair railings offer modern styling and structural soundness, combining safety and durability with a light airy feeling. We provide estimates, modular glass & cable stair handrail systems, design and installation help for both residential and commercial installations.

Building codes vary, so be sure to check your local codes before you begin installation. Glass stair railings can give a whole new look to any home or business, a distinctive image and feel of beauty and quality. Stair Service glass stairs offer surprising ease of installation and make unusual, stunning additions to any home or business.

Stair Service offers modular cable handrail systems in carbon steel (unfinished) posts and frames and also with stainless steel posts and frames. Sleek, affordable, low maintenance and easy-to-install, cable railings are practical, safe and contemporary in design.

Drawings are also available at an additional charge. Most products are in stock and can be shipped within 3-5 days. We are confident we can help you with your project big or small. Custom fabrication is also available. Please browse our glass & cable system catalog (PDF).

You can also order online. Please visit our glass & cable rail parts store section!